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How Much are Junk Cars Worth?

Wondering “how much are junk cars worth?” In this post, we’ll talk about what the going rate for junk cars in 2022 is and what can you expect to get in terms of cash for junk cars or towing junk cars.

Junk Car Prices
for 2022

Current junk car prices in 2022 range from $100 to $1,000
depending on multiple factors.

In most cases, the average price for junk vehicles falls within the $100 – $500 range. Getting rid of your junk car isn’t a complicated process, but determining how much it is worth and taking the proper steps to get the most value can be a little confusing.

Determining the value of your junk car

Any junk car, even those that have one or more components that make them unsuitable for driving, is worth something. The sales value of a junk car is more or less based on its current market value for that same vehicle in used condition, with a catch. The amount you will receive for a junk vehicle is based loosely on its diminished value, which is based on the total cost of repairs that may make the vehicle a working vehicle again, along with the market value for the same car. The true value of your junk car essentially determines how much you can get out of the vehicle.

As mentioned above, where the vehicle is located, the condition of the car, what year/make/model it is, and the current price of scrap all play a major role in creating an accurate appraisal.

Towing Junk Cars

At Towing West Palm Beach and Junk Cars we offer FREE towing. That means if your car is inoperable and can’t move from where it is, we will come to you at no extra charge!

Once we get your vehicle’s information, you will receive your instant cash offer. If you choose to accept the offer, we will get you in contact with our dispatch in West Palm Beach to get you scheduled for pick up. After our tower arrives, you will be paid cash for your junk car at the time of pick. You will be provided with a bill of sale stating that you have sold your vehicle to us.


We take care of all the paperwork so no further action is required on your end!

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